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Learner's Corner

Learner's Corner



This area is for newcomers to the oil painting art. I will add suggestions on equipment and even pointers on where to buy it and maybe a demo page. I have had some enquiries for such information. I am not a qualified teacher so it won't get to that stage. These are suggestions for beginning, you will naturally branch off from them after a try or two.


Learn to draw



various artist's pencils.


6b, 2b, hb, 2h to start

kneadable erasure

drawing pad or sketch book(6x4)


I have learned to draw with my paint brush as I paint the picture, after many years of painting. I do this by first drawing a simple sketch on the canvas as a reference as to size and position.


I drew many sketches with a pencil before I even started painting portraits in oils.


My first lessons in class were to draw a sketch of a person in 10 seconds, and then in 30 seconds and then in 1 minute and after a couple of weeks I was allowed to make a pencil painting with detail and shading. I still draw in my sketch book and solve some compositional problems before starting the painting full size.






There are many. but I'll just mention a few to get started

Oil painters use long handled brushes

Hog hair makes a fine stiff brush usually for roughing in. 4 or 5 Sizes 2-12 are good and you can buy say a 2, 4, 6, 12 filberts and whatever quantity you can afford

sable and even artificial hair for finishing.

no's 6 round, 2, 4, 6, 8, flats





Use artist grade or better paints only, the color content is better.


oil paint

Brush Cleaners